Pak Chau

Pak Chau
Native name:
Sha Chau Aerial Overview.jpg
Pak Chau is faintly visible to Northwest of Sha Chau
Pak Chau is located in Hong Kong
Pak Chau
Pak Chau
Coordinates 22°21′01″N 113°52′00″E  /  22.3502°N 113.8667°E  / 22.3502; 113.8667 Coordinates: 22°21′01″N113°52′00″E / 22.3502°N 113.8667°E / 22.3502; 113.8667
Districts New Territories

Pak Chau (Chinese: 白洲) or Tree Island[1] is an island at the northwest water of Hong Kong. It is offshore of Lung Kwu Tan near Tuen Mun in the New Territories.

Conservation [ edit ]

Since 1996, the island, Lung Kwu Chau, and Sha Chau are within the boundaries of the Sha Chau and Lung Kwu Chau Marine Park. The three islands have been listed as a Site of Special Scientific Interest since 1979.[2] It is known as a dolphin sanctuary and a habitat for the Chinese white dolphin.[citation needed]

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