Party of Popular Representation

Party of Popular Representation

Partido de Representação Popular
President Plínio Salgado
Founded 1945 (1945)
Banned 1965 (1965)
Preceded by Brazilian Integralist Action
Merged into National Renewal Alliance
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro
Ideology Brazilian nationalism

National conservatism

Right-wing populism

Brazilian Integralism
Political position Right-wing to Far-right[1]
Colours      Orange

The Party of Popular Representation (Portuguese: Partido de Representação Popular, PRP) was a political party in Brazil. The PRP was founded by Plínio Salgado on September 26, 1945. He reassembled the former members of the Brazilian Integralism, and was ideologically aligned with the nationalist right. It always obtained representation in the Brazilian Congress and had a greater presence in the south. Salgado ran for President of Brazil in the 1955 election, won by Juscelino Kubitschek. He won around 8% of the vote.

Like all parties of that era, it was abolished by the military regime in 1965. Most of its members joined the party of the military junta, the ARENA.

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