Party of the Brazilian Woman

Partido da Mulher Brasileira

Party of the Brazilian Women
President Suêd Haidar Nogueira
Founded 2008
Registered 29 September 2015
Headquarters Brasília, Federal District
Membership 42.619[1]
Ideology Women's rights
Political position Center [2]

The Party of the Brazilian Woman (Portuguese: Partido da Mulher Brasileira, PMB) is a political party in Brazil which uses the number 35.[3] Known for its non-feminist and anti-abortion stance, the party is not represented in the National Congress.[4]

The PMB was founded in 2015 by Sued Haidar, who doubled as the president of the party's National Committee.[5] At its peak, the party was the tenth largest in Congress,[6] represented by 21 federal deputies in the Chamber of Deputies,[5] only two of which are women,[6] and one representative in the Federal Senate, Senator Hélio José.[6] Most of the deputies have since left the party, and José switched his party affiliation to the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party in March 2016.[7]

In January 2017, the PMB had 38,438 members.[1] As of July 2018, this number has grown to 42,619.[1]

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