Passional of Abbess Kunigunde

Passional of Abbess Kunigunde
Prague, National Library of the Czech Republic

(XIV A 17)
Dedication Illustration on fol. 1v
Date between 1312–1321
Place of origin Prague

Blason Bo Bohême.svgBohemia, Holy Roman Empire
Language(s) Latin
Scribe(s) canon Beneš
Author(s) Kolda of Koldice and others
Compiled by canon Beneš
Illuminated by maybe Beneš
Patron Kunigunde of Bohemia, abbess of the St. George's Convent in Prague
Material parchment
Size 37 leaves
Format 30 x 25 cm
Previously kept St. George's Convent, Prague

The Passional of Abbess Kunigunde[1][note 1] is an illuminated Latin manuscript commissioned by Prague Benedictine Abbess Kunigunde of Bohemia, daughter of King Ottokar II of Bohemia, after 1312. The work is an anthology of mystic treatises on the theme of Christ‘s passion, two of them were composed by Czech Dominican friar Kolda of Koldice.[2] The manuscript was written and maybe also illuminated by Prague canon Beneš, who served as a priest in the St. George's Convent.

The earliest surviving coloured depiction of the heraldic emblem of Bohemia (today the Lesser coat of arms of the Czech Republic) can be found in the manuscript.[3]

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  1. ^ Alternative names: Passional of Abbess Cunegund, Passional of Abbess Kunhuta.

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