Pavilhão da Maria Fumaça

Pavilhão da Maria Fumaça
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Alternative names Steam Train Pavilion
General information
Type tourist attraction
Location Guarujá, Brazil
Coordinates 23°59′42″S 46°15′26″W  /  23.99500°S 46.25722°W  / -23.99500; -46.25722 Coordinates: 23°59′42″S46°15′26″W / 23.99500°S 46.25722°W / -23.99500; -46.25722

The Pavilhão da Maria Fumaça (Steam Train Pavilion) is a tourist attraction in Guarujá, Brazil. It houses the steam locomotive that took tourists from a station in the Itapema estuary to the front of the Grande Hotel on Pitangueiras beach. At the end of the 1910s, the branch on which the aforementioned steam locomotive - "Maria Fumaça" - was deactivated and a highway was built. Until 2017, the Maria Fumaça pavilion was symmetrically paired with the Santos-Dumont hearse pavilion, but in 2017 the city council chose to remove the car from the pavilion.[1]

References [ edit ]

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