Plover Cove

Plover Cove with Plover Cove Reservoir in the background.

Plover Cove or Shuen Wan Hoi (Chinese: 船灣海; Jyutping: syun4 waan1 hoi2) is a cove in the Tai Po District of Hong Kong, near Tolo Channel and Tolo Harbour.

It is encircled by the hills Pat Sin Leng and Wan Leng (橫嶺), the Yim Tin Tsai, Ma Shi Chau and Tung Tau Chau (東頭洲) island ranges, and a long peninsula extending from Fu Tau Sha (虎頭沙). A major part of the cove has been dammed to form the fresh water Plover Cove Reservoir.

An area between Sha Lan Tsuen and Ting Kok is known as Shuen Wan, where the villages of Chan Uk, Lei Uk and Chim Uk are located.

Cross Tolo Harbour Open Race [ edit ]

The annual Cross Tolo Harbour Open Race, an open-water swimming event organized in September/October by Tai Po Sports Association, starts at Sha Lan Tsuen near Sam Mun Tsai and finishes at Tai Mei Tuk. The course runs across Plover Cove in straight-line format and is approximately 2,600 metres in length.

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Coordinates: 22°27′29″N114°14′22″E / 22.45806°N 114.23944°E / 22.45806; 114.23944

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