Po Toi Islands

Po Toi Islands
Po Toi Islands Aerial .jpg
Aerial view of Waglan Island (foreground), Po Toi (left), Lo Chau and Sung Kong from the east
Location of Po Toi Islands within Hong Kong.
Location South-east of Hong Kong Island
Coordinates 22°10′27″N 114°16′14″E  /  22.1742°N 114.2705°E  / 22.1742; 114.2705
Major islands Po Toi Island
District Islands District
Population 200
Po Toi Islands
Traditional Chinese 蒲台羣島/

Simplified Chinese 蒲台群岛/

Tin Hau Temple at Tai Wan (大灣) Bay, Po Toi
The southwest-facing slope of Beaufort Island (Lo Chau)
View of Stanley Peninsula in the southeast of Hong Kong Island. On the left, Beaufort Island and Po Toi Island (behind Beaufort), are visible.

The Po Toi Islands are a small group of islands with a population of around 200, south-east of Hong Kong Island, off Stanley, in Hong Kong. The main island of the group is Po Toi Island. Administratively, they are part of Islands District.[1]

The islands are notable for interesting rock formations and open-air seafood restaurants. Po Toi Island has a "haunted house", and some rock carvings supposed to be the epitaph of an emperor who died on or near Po Toi.[citation needed] Waglan Island has one of the five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong.[2]

Geography [ edit ]

Po Toi Islands include:

  • Lo Chau Pak Pai (螺洲白排)
  • Beaufort Island (螺洲)
  • Mat Chau (墨洲), an islet off Po Toi island
  • Mat Chau Pai (墨洲排), an islet off Mat Chau
  • Po Toi (蒲台), 3.69 km²
  • Sai Pai (細排)
  • San Pai (散排)
  • Sung Kong (宋崗)
  • Tai Pai (大排)
  • Waglan Island (橫瀾島)

Name [ edit ]

For the origin of the name, see Po Toi.

Transport [ edit ]

The islands are accessible by private ferry (kai-to) or water taxi. Scheduled ferries connect Po Toi island with Aberdeen and Stanley.[3]

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