Public housing estates in Lam Tin

The following shows the public housing estates, including Home Ownership Scheme (HOS), Private Sector Participation Scheme (PSPS), Tenant Purchase Scheme TPS) in Lam Tin of Kwun Tong District, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

History [ edit ]

Lam Tin is the hill area at the southeast of Kwun Tong District.[1] There was a resettlement estate in the area, called Lam Tin Resettlement Estate (Chinese: 藍田徙置區) in the 1960s.[2]

The resettlement has totally 23 blocks. Block 15 was also the 500th public estate building constructed by the Works Bureau.[3] All the blocks in the estate were demolished in Lam Tin Estate Redevelopment Project (Chinese: 藍田邨重建計劃) between the 1980s and 2000s. They were replaced by new blocks of Kai Tin Estate (Chinese: 啟田邨), Ping Tin Estate (Chinese: 平田邨), On Tin Estate (Chinese: 安田邨) and new Lam Tin Estate (Chinese: 藍田邨).[4][5]

Overview [ edit ]

Name Type Inaug. No Blocks No Units Notes
Hing Tin Estate 興田邨 TPS 1987 3 635
Hong Nga Court 康雅苑 HOS 1993 3 1,824
Hong Pak Court 康栢苑 HOS 1993 7 2,410
Hong Shui Court 康瑞苑 HOS 1999 1 350
Hong Tin Court 康田苑 HOS 1982 3 792
Hong Wah Court 康華苑 HOS 1987 3 1,680
Hong Yat Court 康逸苑 HOS 2001 5 1,600
Hong Ying Court 康盈苑 HOS 1991 1 816
Kai Tin Estate 啟田邨 Public 1997 3 2,355
Kwong Tin Estate 廣田邨 Public 1992 4 2,453
Lei On Court 鯉安苑 HOS 2002 6 1,684
On Tin Estate 安田邨 Public 2005 2 720
Ping Tin Estate 平田邨 Public 1997 8 5,721
Tak Tin Estate 德田邨 TPS 1991 9 294
Lam Tin Estate 藍田邨 Public 2009 4 3,000

Hing Tin Estate [ edit ]

Hing Tin Estate

Hing Tin Estate (Chinese: 興田邨) is a mixed public and TPS estate at the north of Lam Tin,[6] near the Kwun Tong side exit of Tseung Kwan O Tunnel.[7] It consists of 3 blocks completed in 1987.[8] Some of the flats were sold to tenants during Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 4 in 2001.[9]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[10] Type Completion
Choi Tin House Trident 3 1987
Mei Tin House
Yan Tin House

Hong Nga Court [ edit ]

Hong Nga Court

Hong Nga Court (Chinese: 康雅苑) is a HOS court in Lam Tin, near Tak Tin Estate. It has 3 blocks built in 1993.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[10] Type Completion
Tao Nga House Harmony 1993
Lai Nga House
Heng Nga House

Hong Pak Court [ edit ]

Hong Pak Court

Hong Pak Court (Chinese: 康栢苑) is a HOS court in Lam Tin, near Kwong Tin Estate. It has 7 blocks built in 1993.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[11] Type Completion
Chung Pak House Non-standard 1993
Lung Pak House
Cheung Pak House
Shui Pak House
Yan Pak House
Wing Pak House
Kam Pak House

Hong Shui Court [ edit ]

Hong Shui Court (Chinese: 康瑞苑) is a HOS court in Lam Tin, near Kwong Tin Estate. It has 1 block built in 1999.

House [ edit ]

Name[12] Type Completion
Hong Shui Court Non-standard 1999

Hong Tin Court [ edit ]

Hong Tin Court

Hong Tin Court (Chinese: 康田苑) is a HOS court in Lam Tin, near Kai Tin Estate and MTR Lam Tin Station. It has 3 blocks built in 1982, and it is the oldest HOS court in Lam Tin.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[13] Type Completion
Yue Hong House Flexi 1 1982
Wo Hong House
Kei Hong House

Hong Wah Court [ edit ]

Hong Wah Court

Hong Wah Court (Chinese: 康華苑) is a HOS court in Lam Tin, near Hing Tin Estate. It has 3 blocks built in 1987.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[14] Type Completion
Wang Hong House Windwill 1987
Yee Hong House
Chung Hong House

Hong Yat Court [ edit ]

Hong Yat Court

Hong Yat Court (Chinese: 康逸苑) is a HOS court in Lam Tin, near Kai Tin Estate, Lam Tin Estate and MTR Lam Tin Station. It belonged to Phase 5 of the Lam Tin Redevelopment Project.[15] It has 5 blocks built in 2001.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[16] Type Completion
Hong King House Concord 2001
Hong Nin House
Hong Yu House
Hong Lai House
Hong Ting House

Hong Ying Court [ edit ]

Hong Ying Court (Chinese: 康盈苑) is a HOS court in Lam Tin, near Tak Tin Estate. It has 1 block built in 1991.

House [ edit ]

Name[17] Type Completion
Hong Ying Court Trident 3 1991

Kai Tin Estate [ edit ]

Kai Tin Estate
Kai Tin Shopping Centre

Kai Tin Estate (Chinese: 啟田邨) formed part of the Lam Tin Estate redevelopment project. It consists of 3 blocks and a shopping centre built in 1997.[18][19]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[20] Type Completion
Kai Shun House Harmony 1 1997
Kai Wong House
Kai Yan House

Kwong Tin Estate [ edit ]

Kwong Tin Estate

Kwong Tin Estate (Chinese: 廣田邨) is located between Lam Tin and Yau Tong.[21][22][23] It has four blocks built in 1992 and 1993.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[24][25] Type Completion
Kwong Ching House Harmony 3 1992
Kwong Hin House Harmony 1 1993
Kwong Ngar House
Kwong Yat House

Lei On Court [ edit ]

Lei On Court

Lei On Court (Chinese: 鯉安苑) is a HOS estate in Lei Yue Mun Road, Lam Tin, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, Hong Kong,[21] located near MTR Lam Tin Station. Built in 2002, it consists of six Concord-typed blocks, providing a total of 1684 flats. Blocks A, D, E and F are built in conjunction with the carpark building, whereas Block B and C stand separately at the northwest of the Court.[26]

Background [ edit ]

Lei On Court was built at the former site of a public housing estate, Kwun Tong (Lei Yue Mun Road) Estate (Chinese: 觀塘(鯉魚門道)邨) (which is different from the current Lei Yue Mun Estate). Kwun Tong (Lei Yue Mun Road) Estate was built in 1962 and demolished in 1997. It was replaced by the current Lei On Court, an HOS estate.[27]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[28][29] Type Completion
Lei Hong House Concord 2002
Lei Yat House
Lei Yan House
Lei Yi House
Lei King House
Lei Ting House

On Tin Estate [ edit ]

On Tin Estate

On Tin Estate (Chinese: 安田邨) was a part of Lam Tin Estate Redevelopment Project. Built above Kai Tin Shopping Centre Extension,[19] the estate has two block completed in 2005.

Houses [ edit ]

Name[30] Type Completion
On Kin House New Cruciform Block 2005
On Lai House

Ping Tin Estate [ edit ]

Ping Tin Estate

Ping Tin Estate (Chinese: 平田邨) was a part of Lam Tin Estate Redevelopment Project. It consists of 8 blocks (including one Ancillary Facilities Block for Housing for Senior Citizen)[31] completed in 1997 and 1998.[32][33]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[34] Type Completion
Ping Shun House Harmony 1 1997
Ping Yan House
Ping Wong House
Ping Shing House
Ping Chun House Non-standard 1998
Ping Sin House
Ping Mei House
Ancillary Facilities Block Housing for Senior Citizen

Tak Tin Estate [ edit ]

Tak Tin Estate

Tak Tin Estate (Chinese: 德田邨) is a mixed public/TPS estate in Lam Tin, near Ping Tin Estate and Lam Tin Estate. It consists of 9 blocks completed in 1998 and 2001. In 1999, some of the flats (Tak Hong House and Tak Yan House excluded) were sold to tenants through Tenants Purchase Scheme Phase 2.[35][36]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[37] Type Completion
Tak King House New Slab 1991
Tak Lai House
Tak Yee House Trident 4
Tak Lok House
Tak Shui House Trident 3
Tak Shing House
Tak Lung House
Tak Hong House Small Household Block 2001[38]
Tak Yan House Housing for Senior Citizen

Lam Tin Estate [ edit ]

Lam Tin Estate

The current Lam Tin Estate (Chinese: 藍田邨) is smaller than the original one, and it has 4 blocks completed in 2009. Its predecessor was a resettlement estate from the 1960s to 1990s. Andy Lau, a Hong Kong famous singer, lived in Block 15 of the estate when he was a child.[39] It was demolished between the 1990s and 2000s and its area is redeveloped to construct Kai Tin Estate, Ping Tin Estate, On Tin Estate, Hong Yat Court and the new Lam Tin Estate. Andy Lau also autographed 'Lam Tin Estate' in Chinese calligraphy at the time of the estate completion.[40]

Houses [ edit ]

Name[41] Type Completion
Lam Fai House Non-standard 2009
Lam Tai House
Lam Bik House
Lam Wai House

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