Pudong railway

Pudong railway
SRZ25K K8351 at Haiwan.jpg
Train at Haiwan station on the Pudong railway
Native name 浦东铁路
Type Heavy rail
Status operational (freight only)
Locale Shanghai
Termini Jinshan Industrial Park

Stations 5
Services 1
Opened 9 December 2005
Operator(s) China Railway Shanghai Group
Line length 42.87 km (26.64 mi)
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in)

Pudong railway (simplified Chinese: 浦东铁路; traditional Chinese: 浦東鐵路; pinyin: Pǔdōng Tiělù) is a railway line in operated by China Railway. Located entirely in Shanghai, China, the 42.87-kilometre-long (26.64 mi) railway line that is mainly used for freight services although no passenger services have been operated since 2015. At its western terminus, it branches off from the Jinshan railway at Jinshan Industrial Park in the city's Jinshan District and runs eastward to Luchaogang in Pudong, with three intermediate stations.[1]

Construction of the railway line was completed on 9 December 2005.[1] Passenger service on the line started on 1 September 2008, with trains travelling between Shanghai South and Luchaogang, with an intermediate stop at Haiwan. These trains would use the Jinshan railway between Shanghai South and Jinshan Industrial Park, before switching to the Pudong railway and travelling the entire length of the line.[2]

Passenger service on the line was suspended on 27 August 2015, due to the presence of a hazardous chemicals storage yard near Luchaogang station. This safety measure was taken in response to the 2015 Tianjin explosions.[3]

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References [ edit ]

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