Pyramid Hill, Hong Kong

Pyramid Hill
HK PyramidHill.JPG
View of Pyramid Hill
Highest point
Elevation 536 m (1,759 ft)
Coordinates 22°23′48.92″N114°15′9.7″E / 22.3969222°N 114.252694°E / 22.3969222; 114.252694
Pyramid Hill is located in Hong Kong
Pyramid Hill
Pyramid Hill
Location of Pyramid Hill in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Pyramid Hill (Chinese: 大金鐘; literally: Large Golden Bell) is a peak in eastern New Territories of Hong Kong. With a height of 536 metres (1,759 ft), it stands among the highest mountains in Hong Kong. The mountain is located inside Ma On Shan Country Park, between Ma On Shan and Sai Kung.[1] Its pyramidal shape lends the hill its name.[2]

Another view of Pyramid Hill
Another view of Pyramid Hill

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