Qian Nairong

Qian Nairong
Traditional Chinese 錢乃榮
Simplified Chinese 钱乃荣

Qian Nairong (Shanghainese: [ʑ̻i ne̞ɦjʊŋ]; born 1945 in Shanghai) is a Chinese linguist. He received a master's degree in Chinese from Fudan University in 1981. He is a professor and the head of the Chinese Department at Shanghai University. He is an influential researcher and advocate of Shanghainese, a dialect of Wu Chinese.[1]

Publications [ edit ]

  • Shanghainese Slang (Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Press, 1989) - 《上海方言俚语》(上海社科院出版社,1989)
  • Contemporary Wu-ngu Researches (Shanghai Educational Publishing House, 1992) - 《当代吴语研究》 (上海教育出版社,1992)
  • Grammar for Shanghainese Language (Shanghai People's Publishing House, 1997) - 《上海话语法》 (上海人民出版社,1997)
  • Cool Slang 2000 Items (Editor, Shanghai Educational Publishing House, 2001) - 《酷语2000》 (主编,上海教育出版社,2001)
  • Shanghainese Conversations (Author, Touhou Shoten) - 《上海语会话》音带(本人发音,日本东方书店)
  • Shanghainese & Su-zhou Dialect Researches & Studies(Co-author, Kouseikan, 1984) - 《上海语苏州语学习与研究》(合作,日本东京光生馆,1984)
  • A Brief History of Dialects in Shanghai Metropolitan Areas (Shanghai Educational Publishing House, 1988) - 《上海市区方言志》(合作,上海教育出版社,1988)
  • Vocabulary for Shanghainese Dialects (Shanghai Educational Publishing House, 1991) - 《上海方言词汇》(合作,上海教育出版社,1991)
  • A Brief History of the Culture & Dialects for Shanghai Area (Shanghai Literature and Art Publishing House, 2001) - 《上海文化通史·语言篇》 (上海文艺出版社,2001)
  • Shanghainese Dialect Collection & the Culture (Shanghai Culture Publishing House, 2002) - 《沪语盘点——上海话文化》(上海文化出版社,2002)

References [ edit ]

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