Qingcheng District


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Qingcheng is located in Guangdong
Location in Guangdong
Coordinates: 23°43′02″N113°01′49″E / 23.71722°N 113.03028°E / 23.71722; 113.03028Coordinates: 23°43′02″N113°01′49″E / 23.71722°N 113.03028°E / 23.71722; 113.03028
Country People's Republic of China
Province Guangdong
Prefecture-level city Qingyuan
 • Total 927 km2 (358 sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Qingcheng (Chinese: 清城; pinyin: Qīngchéng) is a district of Qingyuan, Guangdong province, China.

Qingcheng District is located in the middle of Guangdong province, lying beside the Bei Revier. Lying in the south of the Qingxin District, the north of Huadu District in Guangzhou, the west of the Fogang Country, the east of the Sanshui District in Foshan City, Qingcheng District covers an area of 927 km2 (358 sq mi) with a population of 620,000.[when?] The District government is located on the Dongcheng Street. There are 3 towns, 4 streets and a forest farm.

Qingcheng District has a subtropical climate, with an average annual temperature of 22.0 °C (71.6 °F), 2,215 mm (87.2 in) of rainfall.

History [ edit ]

Qingcheng District, the predecessor of Qingyuan County, is a county with a long history of 2229 years, formed in the Qin Dynasty (221 BC).

Qingyuan County is nestled in the land south of the five ridges. The diligent, wise and hospitable Qingyuan County people have been hardworking since ancient times, creating the brilliant culture which has become part of the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation.

Many celebrities such as Zhang Jiuling, Su Dongpo, Wanli Yang, Han Yu, Hai Rui, etc. have adopted Qingyuan County as their hometown and this has become the pride of the residents. There are many talented people born in Qingyuan County.

In October 2018, Christopher Rex Barnhart became the first known permanent American, college-level teacher in Qingcheng District, teaching vocational and oral English at Guangdong Country Garden Polytechnic.[1] Barnhart goes by the Chinese name 孔永逊 (Mr. Kong). His Chinese name was created with the help of colleagues at the college and means "Kong Forever Modest." "Kong" is the surname of Confucius, one of Barnhart's inspirations.

On January 7, 1988, the State Council approved the revocation of Qingyuan County and established the Qingyuan city. Qingyuan County was divided into two county-level city areas, the Qingcheng district and Qing jiao (the Qingxin Countynoe) ; January 28, the provincial government declared that the Qingcheng of Qingyuan County, Fu Cheng and Zhou Xin were belong to the Qingcheng district .

In April 2012, there were 4 wards, 4 towns, 77 neighborhood committees, and 71 village committees in Qingcheng District.

Administration [ edit ]

There are 4 streets(Fengcheng Street, Dongcheng Street, Zhouxin Street, Henghe Street),4 countries(Yuantan Country, Shijiao street, Longtang country and Feilaixia Street).

Geography [ edit ]

Qingyuan's administrative area ranges in latitude from 23° 42' to 23° 27' N, and in longitude from 112° 50' to 113° 22′ E, located in the north of Guangdong province, the south of Qingyuan city, the west of Fogang and the north of Huadu.[2]

Economy [ edit ]

It is the transportation junction of the north of Guangzhou area and the commodity distributing center from the north to the south of Guangdong province. It was awarded as the "China Excellent Tourism City" in 2001.

Mineral resources [ edit ]

Qingcheng District is rich in mineral resources, such as the diverse and high-grad resource:the albite, potash feldspar, iron ore, kaolin, rare earth, etc. They make great contribution to the foundation of the local building materials industry.[3]

Water resources [ edit ]

Qingcheng district is rich in shallow groundwater. Beijiang River, Dayan River and Bijia River are the main river. There are more than 20 reservoir, such as Yingzui reservoir, Yingzhan reservoir and Huadou reservoir and so on.

Land resources [ edit ]

As for the land resources, there are about 70% of the area are plain and hilly land.[4] It is an advantage for the building construction and large-scale industrial.

Tourism [ edit ]

In term of tourism, the north of the Qingcheng area is a mountainous area. Feixia mountain, Bijia mountain, Damao mountain are some of the typical interest of places.[5]

Industry [ edit ]

Industry is the mainstay of the economy of the Qingcheng district. Particularly, the light industry is developed. The pillar industry of Qingcheng District are wire and cable, ceramics, electronics, building materials, plastic and clothing industries.

Agriculture [ edit ]

Agriculture of Qingcheng district is quite developed. Covering a farmland area of 25.7 million km2, Qingcheng district had made great effort at the agriculture. The main produce is rice. Economic crops includes vegetables, flowers, fruits, bamboo shoots and so on. Qingyuan partridge chicken and black brown goose famous are famous at home and abroad. As a fresh agricultural production base of the pearl river delta, Qingcheng district produce a large sum of pigs and other aquatic products.

Labor force [ edit ]

There are about 100000 people are overseas Chinese and compatriots in Hong Kong and Macao. It is an important Overseas Chinese hometown. At present, there are about 200000 labor force. It owns a labor cost advantage in developing the labor-intensive export processing and other industries.

The real estate industry, tourism and trade circulation are becoming the pillar industries of Qingcheng district economy.

Agriculture [ edit ]

Qingcheng district played a role as the main provider of Guangdong province and the original Qingyuan Country. Since Qingyuan Country became the Qingyuan City in 1988, the agriculture is still the main basic industry. With the increasing percent of the area for urban and decreasing of the agriculture, the government decided to adjust the structure of the agriculture. They improve the technology and put their heart to develop the outskirt-type agriculture, planting vegetable, fruite, flowers and so on. They have turned the tradition agriculture into the commercial agricultural. Qingcheng District earned 1313milion,4,58 times compared to 1988.

Traffic [ edit ]

Qingcheng district is located in the south of Qingyuan—the center of Guangdong Province, 60 kilometers away from the center of Guangzhou, 28 kilometers away from the new Baiyun International Airport. It has an advantaged religion. Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Jing-Zhu Expressway, Guangzhou-Qingyuan expressway, Guangzhou-Lengchang expressway and 107 national road across Qingcheng District.

Capital Transportation Projects are developing in Qingcheng District: FoQingCong highway, Shantou-Zhanjiang highway, Guangzhou-Qingyuan light rail. Transportation in Qingcheng district is convenient. Jing Guang Railroad via area of Yingzhan station and Yuan Tan station, with a. At the north of Qingcheng district, the 107 National Road runs through the whole region. It is only 28 kilometers away from the Guangzhou New International Airport. The district is on the west of the Qingfo highway and the east of Qingsan highway. The Beijiang River are available for 100 tons of ships.

Language [ edit ]

The main language of Qingcheng district is "vernacular". Vernacular has little difference with "yueyu". Some of the speak "hehua", and the other speak kejiahua. Local people in Shijiao town, Longtang town, Yuantan town, Zhouxin, Dongcheng, Henghe, Fengcheng and Yinzhan are all speak vernacular. Some people live in Shijiao speak Kejiahua. Some local in Zhouxin speak Hehua. People speak different languages in their daily life. However, almost all of them can speak vernacular.

Travel [ edit ]

In order to commemorate the patriotic with Zhu Ruzhen, the last Bangyan of Qing Dynasty, Qingcheng district government built the park. There is a statue of Zhu Ruzhen and China's excellent tourism sculpture. It shows the beauty of the classical gardens and the charm of the humanities in Qingyuan.

The Rooster rock is a famous scenic spot in Qingyuan, having a 1600-year history. Countless literati poet, singular Chester, South officials, monks, Taoist and the hiking visitors left their footprints here since a thousand years ago.such as the poetry and the exploration of anecdotes. The shape of the Rooster rock is similar to a rooster.

Huang Tengxia scenic spot, "the King of drifting", is the best natural ecological tourist area in Qingyuan in terms of the quality and quantity of water, the preserved condition of plants. It is only 3.8 km (2.4 mi) away from the downtown.

Qingyuan Earl park is a park about ecological tourism, leisure, entertainment, catering and tourism.

Qingyuan Feng cheng ecological park is a theme park about outdoor activities and sports. The radium war combat and military expansion is entertaining, enjoyable and interesting.

Food [ edit ]

There are Cantonese and Hakka foods in Qingcheng District. There are many delicious food in Qingcheng District, such as Qingyuan Sliced Cold Chicken, Kowloon tofu, knife cut cake, Pork with salted vegetables and Zhouxin porridge.

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