Razor Hill

Razor Hill
Western slope of Razor Hill (Che Kwu Shan) from Autau, Tsenglanshue.jpg
Western slope of Razor Hill, from Autau / Tsenglanshue
Highest point
Elevation 432 m (1,417 ft)
Listing List of mountains, peaks and hills in Hong Kong
Coordinates 22°19′51.1″N114°15′12.64″E / 22.330861°N 114.2535111°E / 22.330861; 114.2535111Coordinates: 22°19′51.1″N114°15′12.64″E / 22.330861°N 114.2535111°E / 22.330861; 114.2535111
English translation Francolin hill
Razor Hill is located in Hong Kong
Razor Hill
Razor Hill
Location of Razor Hill in Hong Kong
Location Eastern New Territories,  Hong Kong

Razor Hill, also known as Che Kwu Shan (Chinese: 鷓鴣山) indigenously, is a hill between Pik Uk, Ta Ku Ling, Tseung Kwan O, and Tai Po Tsai in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is 432 metres tall.[1] The north and east mid slope is skirted by Clear Water Bay Road.[2]

Western slope of Razor Hill, from Little Hawaii Trail, Tsenglanshue
Razor Hill

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