Republican Party (Brazil)

Republican Party

Partido Republicano
Leader Arthur Bernardes
Founded 1945
Dissolved 1965[a]
Merged into National Renewal Alliance
Headquarters Rio de Janeiro, RJ
Colours Green
TSE number 41

  1. ^ All parties were dissolved by the military regime on this date.

The Republican Party (Portuguese: Partido Republicano, PR) was a political party in Brazil. The PR was founded by former President of Brazil Artur Bernardes in 1945 and operated almost solely in Minas Gerais. The successor of the Mineiro Republican Party, which dominated politics in Minas Gerais during the República Velha. The party won 3.67% of the vote in the 1945 elections.

Like all parties of that area, it was abolished by the military regime in 1965.

Electoral history [ edit ]

Presidential Elections [ edit ]

Election Candidate Running mate Colligation First round Second round Result
Votes % Votes %
1945 None None None - - - - -
1950 Cristiano Machado (PSD) None PSD; PR; POT; PST 1.697.173 21,49% - - Lost Red X N
1955 Juscelino Kubitschek (PSD) None PSD; PTB; PR; PTN; PST; PRT 3.077.411 35,68% - - Elected Green tick Y
1960 Jânio Quadros (PTN) None PTN; UDN; PR; PL; PDC 5.636.623 48,26% - - Elected Green tick Y
1964 None None None - - - - -
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