River Amman

River Amman
River Amman.png
The River Amman between Ammanford and Betws looking towards the Black Mountain.
Native name Afon Aman
Country Wales
Physical characteristics
 ⁃ location Black Mountain
Mouth Confluence with River Loughor

The River Amman (Welsh: Afon Aman) is a river of south Wales, which joins the River Loughor at Pantyffynnon. The source of the Amman is on the Black Mountain.

The river gives its name to the town of Ammanford and the villages of Pontamman, Glanamman, Brynamman and Rhosamman. Garnant and Betws also lie in the Amman Valley - Garnant and Glanamman were formerly known as Cwmamman and it is now the name of their combined urban council. Garnant railway station was originally known as Amman Valley, the English version of Cwmamman. In the 19th and early 20th centuries the valley was a booming coal-mining area, but the mines have now closed.

Coordinates: 51°46′48″N3°59′37″W / 51.78006°N 3.9937°W / 51.78006; -3.9937

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