Roberto Blades

Roberto Blades
Birth name Roberto Bellido de Luna
Born (1962-07-02) 2 July 1962 (age 57)Chiriquí, Panama
Genres Salsa music
Occupation(s) singer
Years active 1981 - present
Labels Fania Records

Roberto Blades is a Panamanian Salsa singer. His most popular songs are "Ya No Regreso Contigo", "Lagrimas", "Poquita Fe", "Casco", "Detalles", "El Artista Famoso", "Victima de Afecto", "Flor Dormida" and "Si Estuvieras Conmigo" among many more. He is the younger brother of singer Rubén Blades.

In 2002, Roberto Blades won the Grammy Award for Best Salsa Album.[1] He has not released a new album since preferring to work as a songwriter and producer.

In June 2010, Blades appeared on Dateline NBC to discuss Joran van der Sloot. According to Blades, he witnessed van der Sloot's behavior on the night of the death of Stephany Tatiana Flores Ramírez.[2]

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