Sanmen County


Sanmen bus station
Sanmen bus station
Sanmen is located in Zhejiang
Location of the seat in Zhejiang
Coordinates: 29°06′18″N121°23′45″E / 29.1049°N 121.3958°E / 29.1049; 121.3958Coordinates: 29°06′18″N121°23′45″E / 29.1049°N 121.3958°E / 29.1049; 121.3958
Country People's Republic of China
Province Zhejiang
Prefecture-level city Taizhou
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Sanmen County (Tai-chow dialect: Sæn-meng Yön; simplified Chinese: 三门县; traditional Chinese: 三門縣; pinyin: Sānmén Xiàn) is a coastal county under the jurisdiction of Taizhou city/Municipality in the east of Zhejiang Province, People's Republic of China. The county's total area is 1,072 km2 (414 sq mi), and its population is 400,000 people.[when?] The county's postal code is 317100. The county government is located at 59 Renmin Road, in the town of Haiyou.

Sanmen Nuclear Power Station is under construction since 2009.

Sanmen Crab is well known in China for its delicious taste.[citation needed] There is a saying in Sanmen for advertising the crab, "San men crabs, walking all over the world."

History [ edit ]

During the Qing Dynasty, the Chinese forced the Italians to give up on a demand to hand over Sanmen Bay to them.[1][2] Sanmen County from Neolithic human beings have thrived in this land. Xia , suppliers , Zhou is Ouyue ground. Autumn belongs to the country , 306 BC, Chu eliminate Yue, the state of Chu. Qin, three under the central Fujian county . Han Hui Di three years (192 BC), three county Dongou country . Jianyuan six years,    Sanmen County from Neolithic human beings have thrived in this land. Xia , suppliers , Zhou is Ouyue ground. Autumn belongs to the country , 306 BC, Chu eliminate Yue, the state of Chu. Qin, three under the central Fujian county . Han Hui Di three years (192 BC), three county Dongou country . Jianyuan six years,[3] Three county to county . Emperor Han Zhao began yuan two years (85 BC), three belong answers riverside county to county. Eastern Han Guangwu period (25 AD), three genera County chapter . Three Dadi Dynasty (AD 222–252 years) Linhai County, three is a coastal county, belong to county. Wu Shaodi Taiping two years (AD 257), east to county Linhai County, three is a coastal county. Sui waste County for the state, county waste sea change into the State Department , three is a coastal county, Li Wu states. Emperor cause Dynasty (AD 605), and state for the county, three belong to Yongjia County . Tang Takenori first year (AD 618), Linhai County to the sea state, Takenori four years (AD 621) three Li Haizhou. Takenori five years (AD 622), changed the sea state Taizhou, Taizhou three genera. Taizong Zhenguan the first year (627 AD), Taizhou under the Jiangnan Circuit . Tang Tsung Qianyuan first year (785 years), said the resumption of Taizhou Linhai County, under the Zhejiang East Road . Song Ancestor Xining seven years (AD 1074), points to Liangzhe Liangzhe East, Liangzhe West, is a coastal division, Ninghai two counties, Li Taizhou. Yuan ancestor Yuan fourteen years (AD 1277), changed the way Taizhou Taizhou, eastern Zhejiang executive secretariat under the road. Local Administrative Region Ming Yuan attack system, change of Taizhou Road station state capital . Qing Ming inherited, located Jiaxing-Huzhou, Ningbo, Shaoxing, Jinhua and Quzhou strict temperature at four, three belong to the sea, Ninghai two counties, under the Zhejiang Ningbo, Shaoxing Road . Republic of China, three belong to the sea , Ninghai two counties. In twenty-nine years (AD 1940) set Sanmen County, Taizhou, under the Chief Inspector. February 17, 1949 liberation of three, is the first in Zhejiang Province liberation of the county, under the Taizhou. May 22, 1954 three counties under the jurisdiction of Ningbo. July 1957 Sanmen County, Taizhou recovery genus. May 1983, Ninghai County Salix communes classified Sanmen County. August 1994, the State Council approved, removed to build the city of Taizhou, under the Sanmen County, Taizhou City today.

Administrative regions [ edit ]

The County administers ten towns, four townships, eight residential areas, and 511 administrative villages.

Towns: Haiyou, Shaliu, Zhuao, Tingpang, Liuao, Hengdu, Jiantiao, Lipu, Huaqiao, and Xiaoxiong.

Townships: Gaojian, Yanchi, Silin, and Shepan.

climate characteristics [ edit ]

Sanmen County has obvious subtropical monsoon climate, long summer and winter, spring is short, four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, suitable for light, is in southern Zhejiang Zhejiang humid summer and cold in winter times, humid sub-district. Minimum monthly temperatures throughout the year in January, the average temperature is about 5.3 ℃; the highest monthly temperature in July, the average temperature of about 27.9 ℃; annual average temperature of 16.6 ℃, frost-free period of 242 days. Seasonal distribution throughout the year, each spring and autumn months, more than four months in summer, in winter about two months. By the maritime monsoon, abundant rainfall, average annual rainfall of 1645.3 mm, larger interannual variability of precipitation, interannual difference up to 1200 mm. Changes in annual precipitation has two rainy seasons and two relatively opposing dry season, bimodal distribution, from March to June was the first rainy season, July is relatively light rain period, from August to September by the typhoon, is the second rainy season in October - the second in February for the second period relative to drizzle. Marsh water mountain precipitation is most abundant, is Sanmen County storm center, the average annual precipitation is about 1700 mm. The average annual sunshine of 1863.7 hours.

seas [ edit ]

Sanmen County ocean located northeast, east, southeast on three sides, the total sea area of 481.7 square kilometers, accounting for 31.9% of the total area of Sanmen County, North Ninghai connected to the sea, east and Xiangshan County waters phase, South and Linhai sea phase adjacent. Coastal Mountains and more towards the direction of the coastline into a more perpendicular or oblique. Coastline of 167 kilometers, along the coast of the stream, Pearl River tour, pavilion next to the river, head Ao River, White River, Huaqiao Creek, Mountain Creek and other streams field into the sea.

famous sights [ edit ]

Shepan island, mushao beach, Duobao temple

language [ edit ]

Sanmen has native language, which belongs to Wu language.

References [ edit ]

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