Santos-Dumont hearse pavilion

Santos-Dumont hearse pavilion
Carro funerário de Santos Dumont 359.jpg
General information
Type tourist attraction
Location Guarujá, Brazil
Coordinates 23°59′41″S 46°15′33″W  /  23.99472°S 46.25917°W  / -23.99472; -46.25917 Coordinates: 23°59′41″S46°15′33″W / 23.99472°S 46.25917°W / -23.99472; -46.25917
Closed 2017

The Santos-Dumont hearse pavilion was a tourist attraction located in Guarujá, Brazil,[1] which housed the 1929 Chevrolet Ramona that was the hearse that carried the body of the Brazilian aviator Alberto Santos-Dumont[2] after he committed suicide at the Grand Hôtel La Plage, in Guarujá, on July 23, 1932.[3]

Car model [ edit ]

The Chevrolet Ramona model that drove the Santos-Dumont body was made from 70% wood and had a six-cylinder engine.[2]

Funeral [ edit ]

On the day of Santos-Dumont's funeral, the hearse passed by Avenida Puglisi, going to the Santos–Guarujá crossing ferry,[1] towards the city of São Paulo,[3] and then to the state of Rio de Janeiro, where he was buried.

Display [ edit ]

The pavilion that used to house the hearse, now a police station

The hearse was on display in the city of Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo. It was in a purpose-built pavilion on the central division of Avenida Puglisi.[2] In front of it was the Pavilhão da Maria Fumaça, with which she was paired.[4] In addition to the historical connection, the Chevrolet Carmona model is a rarity and contains numerous details.[4] However, in 2017 it was removed from the site by the city and taken to the city hall garage without further explanation.[2] The pavilion was subsequently converted into a police station.

References [ edit ]

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