Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company

Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company
Traditional 上海 京劇
Simplified 上海 京剧
Mandarin Shànghǎi Jīngjù Yuàn
Formation 1955 (1955)
Type Theatre group
Purpose Peking opera

Shanghai Jingju Theatre Company is a theatre company based in Shanghai, China, which produces Jingju (i.e. Peking Opera).[1] It was founded in 1955, with Zhou Xinfang its director. The Shanghai Beijing-Opera Theatre is at 168 Yueyang Road, Xuhui, Shanghai.

Although the Yue opera as performed at the Shanghai Yueju Yuan is geographically nearer to Shanghai, Peking Opera has long had a following in Shanghai, just as southern opera styles have a following in northern China.

Other famous jingju troupes include the China National Peking Opera Company in Beijing, the Beijing Jingju Yuan (北京京剧院), the Shanghai Youth Jing-Kun Troupe (上海青年京崑劇團), Shenyang Jingju Yuan (沈阳京剧院), Fujian Jingju Yuan (福建京劇院) and the Taipei New Theatre (臺北新劇團). Defunct troupes include the Chongya Company of 1916 (崇雅社) and the Sanqingban 1790-1890 (三庆班).

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