Shanghai Metropolitan Area Intercity Railway

Shanghai Metropolitan Area Intercity Railway
Locale Shanghai
Transit type Commuter rail

rapid transit
Number of lines ~13 total
Began operation 28 September 2012
Operator(s) China Railway/Shanghai Metro
Track gauge 1,435 mm (4 ft 8 12 in) standard gauge
Electrification AC 25 kV overhead lines
System map


Shanghai Metropolitan Area Intercity Railway
Simplified Chinese 上海市域轨道交通
Traditional Chinese 上海市域軌道交通

Shanghai Metropolitan Area Intercity Railway System or Shanghai Suburban Railway System is a network of regional railways radiating or surrounding the city of Shanghai, China. It is a plan for the gradual implementation of a regional rail system across the metropolitan area. The system will eventually connect with Jiangsu Yangtze MIR and Hangzhou Greater Bay Area network.

Suburban railway routes [ edit ]

Operational lines[1][2] [ edit ]

Lines under construction or planned[2] [ edit ]

Planned map of Shanghai Metropolitan Area Railway System in 2025. The map does not include Line 16, Line 17 and Chongming line.

References [ edit ]

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