Shanghai Yue Opera House

Shanghai Yue Opera Group
Traditional 上海 越劇
Simplified 上海 越剧
Mandarin Shànghǎi Yuèjù Yuàn
Formation 1955 (1955)
Type Theatre group
Purpose Yue opera
Actresses Wang Wanna (王婉娜) and Chen Xinyu (陈欣雨), then Shanghai Theatre Academy students, in 2016.

The Shanghai Yue Opera Group is a theatre in Shanghai, China, founded in 1950 and dedicated to Yue opera.[1]

The Shanghai troupe is one of the more famous Yueju troupes (越剧剧团 Yueju jutuan).

References [ edit ]

  1. ^ Directing and authorship in Western drama - Page 197 Anna Migliarisi - 2005 "Hamlet has attracted two adaptations: the Shaoxing opera The Prince's Revenge (Wangzi fuchou ji, June 1994) by the Tomorrow Performance Group of the Shanghai Yueju Troupe (Shanghai Yueju Yuan Mingri Jutuan) and a recent Beijing ..."

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