Shenhe District


Buildings along Qingnian Street in southern Shenhe District
Buildings along Qingnian Street in southern Shenhe District
Shenhe is located in Liaoning
Location in Liaoning
Coordinates: 41°47′53″N123°30′09″E / 41.7980°N 123.5026°E / 41.7980; 123.5026Coordinates: 41°47′53″N123°30′09″E / 41.7980°N 123.5026°E / 41.7980; 123.5026[1]
Country People's Republic of China
Province Liaoning
Sub-provincial city Shenyang
 • Total 60 km2 (20 sq mi)
 • Total 849,267
 • Density 14,000/km2 (37,000/sq mi)
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)
Postal code
Shenyang district map
Shenhe District
Simplified Chinese 沈河区
Traditional Chinese 瀋河區
Literal meaning Shen River

The Shenhe District (Chinese: 沈河区; pinyin: Shěnhé Qū) is one of ten districts of Shenyang, the capital of Liaoning Province in Northeast China. Shenhe serves as the central district of Shenyang and currently hosts the seat of the City Government. It borders the districts of Dadong to the northeast, Dongling to the southeast, Heping to the west, and Huanggu to the northwest.

Administrative subdivisions [ edit ]

There are 10 subdistricts within the district.[3]


Transport [ edit ]

Rail [ edit ]

Shenhe District is also home to Northeast China's main railway hub, the Shenyang North Railway Station (locally known as the "North Station"). The railways leading to the station forms the border between Shenhe District and the neighbouring eastern portion of Huanggu District. The station building has recently[when?] undergone a major overhaul and extension.

Road [ edit ]

Qingnian Street (Chinese: 青年大街; pinyin: Qīngnián Dà Jiē; literally: 'Youth Avenue') is the district's primary north-south arterial road that links Beiling Park and Taoxian Airport, separating the southern portion of Shenhe District from the neighbouring southern Heping District.

Education [ edit ]

The Shenyang Saturday School (Chinese: 沈阳补习授业校; Shěnyáng bǔxí shòu yè xiào, Japanese: 瀋陽補習授業校; Shenyan Hoshū Jugyō Kō), a Japanese weekend school,[4] was established in April 2006 and is located in Shenhe District.[5][6]

Visitor attractions [ edit ]

There is the Central Temple (中心庙; Zhōngxīn Mìao), built during the Ming dynasty, showing the center of ancient Shenyang. This temple is located just south of the Middle Street (中街; Zhōng Jiē), one of the most famous shopping streets and the first commercial pedestrian zone in China. Shenhe District is also home to the famous Wu'ai Market (五爱市场; Wŭài Shìchǎng), the largest light industrywholesale trading center in the entire Bohai Economic Rim.

Shenhe District is the site of the Mukden Palace, just south of the Central Temple. It is also the site of Zhang Zuolin's former home and headquarters, Shengjing Ancient Cultural Street. In the western Shenhe District there is a Muslim town, and the South Pagoda (南塔; Nán tǎ) is located in southern Shenhe District. There are a lot of high-end hotels located in Shenhe District, such as Sheraton, Kempinski, Lexington, Marriott (which is the first Marriott Hotel directly named "Marriott" in mainland China, but due to finance conflicts is not administrated by Marriott International). The iconic 305.5 m (1,002 ft) Liaoning Broadcast and TV Tower is situated alongside Qingnian Street.

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