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SocArXiv is an online preprint server for the social sciences[1] founded by sociologist Philip N. Cohen in partnership with the non-profit Center for Open Science.[2][3] It is an Open archive based on the ArXiv preprint server model used by physicists.[4]

The database was launched in 2016, shortly after the purchase of the Social Science Research Network by Elsevier, to meet "a need for a new general, open-access, open-source, paper server for the social sciences, one that encourages linking and sharing data and code, that serves its research to an open metadata system, and that provides the foundation for a post-publication review system."[2] It was built of the Open Science Framework platform, initially as a program of the University of Maryland.[5]

In addition to providing a forum for pre-publication papers as a matter of improving transparency and efficiency, Cohen has called for a central repository for peer-reviews of papers even when the reviews lead to the paper being declined for publication.[6] '"Why can't reviews travel with the paper, or even better, be posted on a central repository for editors and other reviewers to consult?" he said. […] "Writing reviews is work we do out of professional obligation and interest in the quality of scholarship," Cohen said. "But we get basically nothing for it. Being a good reviewer, in quality and quantity, is a tremendous service that goes unrecognized."'[6]

As of October 2019, with SocArXiv hosting over 3,000 papers, it was described as "still not used widely by the sociology community."[7]

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