Songjiang Mosque

Songjiang Mosque
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Affiliation Sunni Islam
Location No. 75, Gangbeng Alley, Songjiang, Shanghai, China
Geographic coordinates 31°00′21.1″N 121°13′37.9″E  /  31.005861°N 121.227194°E  / 31.005861; 121.227194 Coordinates: 31°00′21.1″N121°13′37.9″E / 31.005861°N 121.227194°E / 31.005861; 121.227194
Type Mosque
Date established 1391
Interior area 4,900 m2

The Songjiang Mosque (Chinese: 松江清真寺; pinyin: Sōngjiāng Qīngzhēnsì), formerly called the Real Religion Mosque, is a mosque in Songjiang District, Shanghai, China. It is the oldest mosque in Shanghai.[1]

History [ edit ]

The mosque was originally constructed during the Toghon Temür reign of Yuan Dynasty. It was rebuilt in 1391 and expanded three times during the Ming Dynasty. The mosque then went through four renovations during the Qing Dynasty. On 26 August 1908, the Shanghai municipal government listed the mosque as a cultural heritage. The mosque underwent renovation again in 1985.[2]

Architecture [ edit ]

Songjiang Mosque prayer hall

The mosque covers an area of 4,900 m2. It was constructed in traditional Hui Muslim Chinese palace architecture with Arabic calligraphy. The mosque consists of the mail hall, prayer niche, corridor, two sermon halls and a bathroom. In the east of the mosque lies the Bunker Gate Tower for Muslims to do prayer. The prayer hall is located in the opposite of the tower in the west of the mosque. It is divided into the front and the back hall, with characteristics of Ming and Yuan architecture respectively.

Transportation [ edit ]

The mosque is accessible within walking distance north of Zuibaichi Park station of Shanghai Metro.

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References [ edit ]

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