Stake and ward council meetings

Various councils meet on a local ecclesiastical level within The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. These include:

Principal councils [ edit ]

  • A high council meeting which typically consists of the fifteen men who form the leadership for a stake (a grouping of several congregations). The meeting is generally held semi-monthly to attend to the business of the stake. Its participants include the three members of the stake presidency and the twelve members of the stake high council. The stake clerk and stake executive secretary also attend, while others may be invited to participate, depending on the needs of the discussion. (Note: Prior to March 2018, this meeting was termed "the stake priesthood executive committee" [PEC].)
  • A stake council is an expanded group that meets regularly. Along with those noted above who attend the high council meeting, the stake council includes the presidents of the stake's Relief Society, Young Men, Young Women, Primary, and Sunday School organizations. Others, such as an employment or music specialist, may be invited as needed.
  • A bishopric meeting, is typically held weekly at the local congregational-, i.e. ward-, level. It includes the three members of the bishopric, ward clerk, and the ward executive secretary. As needed, the meeting can be expanded and invite other appropriate individuals to address issues thought to be especially sensitive.
  • A ward council meets regularly and typically includes the bishopric, the ward's clerk, executive secretary, mission leader, and presidents of the elders quorum, Relief Society, Young Men, Young Women, Primary, and Sunday School organizations. Others may be invited, as needed.[1]
  • Note that a now-defunct committee was "the ward PEC". Before March 2018, it met weekly and was composed of the ward's priesthood leaders identified above as well as the leader of the then-existent high priests group, excluding the leaders of the various auxiliary organizations.

In student and singles wards where not all these offices exist, the counselors of the elders quorum president are often involved in the ward council as well.

Purpose-specific supplementary councils or meetings [ edit ]

Descriptions of some other regular meetings within the church follow.[2]

  • The ward youth council (formerly bishopric youth committee) typically meets monthly and includes the bishopric, youth who serve as an assistant in the priests quorum, the presidents of the teachers and deacons quorums, the Young Women class presidents (formerly Laurel, Mia Maid, or Beehive), and the ward Young Women president.
  • The ward young single adult committee meet regularly and includes a counselor from the bishopric, the Relief Society presidency, and the elders quorum presidency, along with young single adult leaders, and the married couple serving as young single adult advisers.
  • The missionary coordination meeting includes the ward mission leader, ward missionaries, and local full-time missionaries, where available.
  • The bishops’ welfare council typically meets quarterly and includes the bishops and branch presidents in the stake and welfare specialists, as needed.

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