Sud Sound System

Sud Sound System
Background information
Origin Salento, Apulia
Genres Reggae
Years active 1991-present
Members Don Rico (Federico Vaglio), Papa Gianni, GGD, Terron Fabio (Fabio Miglietta), Nandu Popu (Fernando Blasi)
Past members Gopher D, Militant P, Treble, Dj War (until 1994)

Sud Sound System is a dancehall reggae sound system from Salento, Apulia, Italy. The group combines Jamaican rhythms and local culture, like their Salentino dialect of Sicilian language in their lyrics and dance moves from pizzica and tarantella.[1] They are pioneers of Italian ragga music,[2] a branch of reggae. Although the group is popular throughout Italy, they have become well known for their lyrics—always in dialect—about social, political, and economic issues in Southern Italy.

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