Tai Mei Tuk

Pat Sin Leng serves as a backdrop for Tai Mei Tuk

Tai Mei Tuk (officially known as 大美督 in Chinese; formerly and still commonly known as 大尾篤; also written as 大尾督 or 大美篤) is a place close to the Plover Cove Reservoir in the Tai Po District, New Territories, Hong Kong. It is a popular place for barbecues and cycling. There are villages and a harbour nearby where many restaurants can be found. Bicycles are also available for hire in the villages.

The Tai Mei Tuk Sea Activity Centre of the Scout Association of Hong Kong is located in the area and also provides sea Scouting activities in Hong Kong.

Tai Mei Tuk means "the very end" in the Cantonese language which depicts the landscape. The homonym character (tuk) is borrowed for the name. Recent Cantonese research suggested that the correct character is .[citation needed]

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Coordinates: 22°28′13″N114°13′58″E / 22.4703°N 114.2329°E / 22.4703; 114.2329

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