Tai Sheung Tok

Tai Sheung Tok, Hong Kong
Tai Sheung Tok 1.jpg
View of Tai Sheung Tok
Highest point
Elevation 399 m (1,309 ft)
Coordinates 22°19′30.74″N114°14′18.18″E / 22.3252056°N 114.2383833°E / 22.3252056; 114.2383833
Tai Sheung Tok, Hong Kong is located in Hong Kong
Tai Sheung Tok, Hong Kong
Tai Sheung Tok, Hong Kong
Location of Tai Sheung Tok in Hong Kong
Location   Hong Kong

Tai Sheung Tok (Chinese: 大上托) is a hill that lies between the communities of Sau Mau Ping and Tseng Lan Shue, Hong Kong.

Tai Sheung Tok viewed from Hong Kong Island

Geography [ edit ]

Tai Sheung Tok used to be 419m in height, but because of mining activities in the 20th century, it now has one major peak at 399m in height[1]. To the southwest lies the former Anderson Quarry. Civic construction work on the Development at Anderson Road (DAR)[2] is being finished, and another project called the Development of Anderson Road Quarry Site (ARQ)[3][4] has recently commenced at the foot of Tai Sheung Tok.

Access [ edit ]

Section 3 of the Wilson Trail runs along the north eastern side of Tai Sheung Tok, connecting Ma Yau Tong with Tseng Lan Shue. It is possible to access the summit by walking through thick bushes from the Wilson Trail or from Anderson Road.

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