Tai Wan, Hung Hom

View of the Laguna Verde housing complex from Tai Wan Shan Park

Tai Wan (Chinese: 大環, formerly 大灣) was a bay on the southeastern Kowloon Peninsula in Hong Kong. The southern end of the bay joined with the Hong Kong and Whampoa Dock. The name also refers to an area, which neighbours To Kwa Wan and the Whampoa Garden in Hung Hom.

Tai Wan Shan (大環山) on the coast was the location of the "Easy Battery" later becoming a power station belonging to China Light and Power (now CLP Power).

It is a common error that the character 灣 is mistakenly written with its homonym 環 in Hong Kong. This has caused confusion amongst local people, including government officials. The name of its major thoroughfare Tai Wan Road, illustrates the phenomenon.

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