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non-Mormons angered? [ edit ]

The phrase: "In 1844, Smith and the Nauvoo city council angered non-Mormons by destroying a newspaper". I assume this is referring to William Law and other members of the True Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I wonder how proper it is to call them 'non-Mormons' if they were leaders of a "Mormon" organization. Any thoughts on changing the word 'non-Mormons'? Am I missing something? Epachamo (talk) 15:51, 25 February 2020 (UTC)

It is referring to citizens of Illinois outside Nauvoo. (Think Thomas C. Sharp and the Warsaw Signal). ~Awilley (talk) 19:17, 25 February 2020 (UTC)

Semi-protected edit request on 28 April 2020 [ edit ]

Joseph Smith was not the founder of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Joseph Smith just restored the church. The real founder of Mormonism, properly preferred as The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was Jesus Christ as it says in the name of the church. (talk) 23:49, 28 April 2020 (UTC)

 Not done: Per the neutral point of view policy, the article must reflect the general public view that Joseph Smith is the founder of the church. The article does note the beliefs of the adherents of the church as well. Rollidan (talk) 23:59, 28 April 2020 (UTC)

User made graph removed from article - discuss [ edit ]

Timeline of Joseph Smith's marriages

This graphical image has been added to the article. I've moved it here for discussion. The image is also used at Origin of Latter Day Saint polygamy where it is perhaps more relevant.

The creator of the image seems to feel that it needs to be in this article. However, to me it seems a bit out of place - and more relevant in the sub-article. The image may also include a bit of original research - in the presentation. Thoughts? Vsmith (talk) 16:22, 8 May 2020 (UTC)

Perhaps the section I put it in was the wrong section. I think the Joseph_Smith#Polygamy section would be better. The image is a graphical representation of the content of that section, and with a quick glance gives an overview of Smith's polygamy. I find it very relevant and useful. Please elaborate on the points you feel might be original research. It is all pretty well sourced. Epachamo (talk) 17:23, 8 May 2020 (UTC)
That would be a preferred section. The references listed on the image page don't seem to relate to the marriage's depicted on the graph, rather they are general references about age differences, etc, and don't appear to be about the "wives" depicted. References would be needed rather for the specific marriages shown. Vsmith (talk) 17:46, 8 May 2020 (UTC)
I am the original content creator for this image, where Epachamo linked the image with permission. If you have a problem with the references, I'm more than happy to add more. The references below the image are selected to give context to the lines and green region presented on the plot, and sources are provided because the contextual data that these sources add are points that LDS apologists are likely to challenge absent sources. I'm more than happy to make changes as needed. As far as it being original research, the only thing original about this is the presentation of all this data in this particular format. The data came directly from the List of Joseph Smith's Wives page, and any information not found there came from the sources cited below. frogontrombone 8:28, 13 May 2020 (UTC)
  • I have added appropriate references for the marriage's depicted on the graph per Vsmith. Pending objections from the community, I will add the image to the Joseph_Smith#Polygamy section. Epachamo (talk) 19:38, 15 May 2020 (UTC)
I feel the graph is too much detail for a top level encyclopedia biography like this. It would work well in a book or article specifically about Smith's wives, but it's too in depth I think for a subsection with just a couple of paragraphs. I think the most relevant point is that Smith's wives varied widely in age and martial status, and that is already started plainly in text. ~Awilley (talk) 20:04, 15 May 2020 (UTC)
How can a timeline of Smith's wives be too much detail for an article about the man when nearly all articles about individuals include the names of their spouses, and most of those are not even important parts of those biographies as it is with Smith? And why does it matter how many paragraphs are in that section? (Presently three) This and the unsubstantiated claim of original research, feels to me like an attempt to obscure Smith's polygamy since the power of the graph is its ability to give the overall clarity to this important aspect of the man's life.Cutelyaware (talk) 06:27, 4 January 2021 (UTC)

The Proper Name of The Church [ edit ]

I believe that it is important that the church be referred to by its proper name. I see instances where it is referred to as “Mormonism” or “the Latter Day Saint Movement”. These are not the proper name of the church. Many church members would greatly appreciate it being called by its proper name, which is “The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints”. Learner 4321 (talk) 04:12, 8 September 2020 (UTC)

There is a distinct difference between the three sets of terms. Mormonism refers to the beliefs espoused by practicing members of all religions that trace their origins back to the earthurch established by Joseph Smith. The Latter Day Saint movement refers to all religions tracing their origins back to the earthly church established by Smith. And The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the largest religious sect or denomination within the Latter Day Saint movement which traces its' origins back to Joseph Smith. I happen to be an active member of the latter, and the distinction to me is clear-cut, and a necessary one, in order to not confuse terminology with other faiths within the Latter Day Saint movement. Please take any concerns you may have on this to this page, or this page. Thanks. --Jgstokes (talk) 05:03, 8 September 2020 (UTC)
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