Telesphore Toppo

Telesphore Placidus Cardinal Toppo

Archbishop Emeritus of Ranchi
Church Roman Catholic Church
Archdiocese Archdiocese of Ranchi
Province Ranchi
Metropolis Ranchi
See Ranchi (emeritus)
Installed 24 June 2018
Other posts Cardinal-Priest of Sacro Cuore di Gesù agonizzante a Vitinia.(2018-till date)
Ordination 3 May 1969

by Bishop Franz von Streng
Consecration 7 October 1978

by Archbishop Pius Kerketta, S.J.
Created cardinal 21 October 2003

by Pope John Paul II
Rank Prelate-Cardinal.svg Cardinal-Priest
Laicized 24 June 2018
Personal details
Birth name Telesphore Placidus Toppo
Born (1939-10-15) 15 October 1939 (age 80)

Chainpur, India
Nationality India Indian
Denomination Roman Catholic
Residence Ranchi, India
Previous post Bishop of Dumka.(1978-1984)

Coadjutor Archbishop of Ranchi.(1984-1985)

Metropolitan Archbishop of Ranchi.(1985-2018)

Vice-President of Catholic Bishops' Conference of India.(1998-2002)

President of Catholic Bishops' Conference of India.(2002-2005)

President of Catholic Bishops' Conference of India.(2004-2008)

Member of Commission of Cardinals overseeing the Institute for Works of Religion.(2008-2014)

President of Catholic Bishops' Conference of India.(2011-2013)

Member of Council of Cardinals for the Study of Organisational and Economic Problems of the Apostolic See.(2012-2014)
Alma mater St. Xavier's College, Ranchi

Pontifical Urban University.
Motto Parare Viam Domini(Latin)

Prepare the way of the Lord(English– Isaiah 40:3)
Coat of arms Telesphore Placidus Cardinal Toppo's coat of arms
Styles of

Telesphore Placidus Toppo
Coat of arms of Telesphore Toppo.svg
Reference style His Eminence
Spoken style Your Eminence
Informal style Cardinal
See Ranchi (Emeritus)
Ordination history of

Telesphore Toppo
Priestly ordination
Ordained by Bishop Franz von Streng
Date 3 May 1969
Episcopal consecration
Principal consecrator Archbishop Pius Kerketta, S.J
Co-consecrators Bishop Leo Tigga, S.J.,

Bishop Joseph Robert Rodericks, S.J.
Date 7 October 1978
Elevated by Pope John Paul II
Date 21 October 2003
Episcopal succession
Bishops consecrated by Telesphore Toppo as principal consecrator
Stephen M. Tiru 7 October 1986
Charles Soreng, S.J. 9 February 1990
Michael Minj, S.J. 22 August 1993
Joseph Minj 24 August 1993
Thomas Kozhimala 7 October 1996
Felix Toppo, S.J. 27 September 1997
Julius Marandi 7 October 1997
Gabriel Kujur, S.J. 8 January 1998
Vincent Barwa 8 November 1998
Victor Henry Thakur 11 November 1998
Paul Alois Lakra 5 April 2006
John Barwa, S.V.D. 19 April 2006
Clement Tirkey 23 April 2006
Paul Toppo 24 May 2006
Kurien Valiakandathil 27 February 2007
Angelus Kujur, S.J. 18 April 2007
Binay Kandulna 30 November 2012
Emmanuel Kerketta 2 February 2010
Jojo Anand 8 December 2012
Kishore Kumar Kujur 29 September 2013
Telesphore Bilung, S.V.D. 30 August 2014
Theodore Mascarenhas, S.F.X. 30 August 2014
Cajetan Francis Osta 22 October 2014
Vincent Aind 14 June 2015

Telesphore Placidus Toppo (born 15 October 1939) is an Indian Cardinal and was the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Ranchi from 1984 until his resignation was accepted on 24 June 2018.

A polyglot, Toppo speaks Oraon, Hindi, Sadri, English and Italian.[1]

Early life and ordination [ edit ]

Toppo was born in Chainpur, in the state of Bihar and now in Jharkhand, India, on 15 October 1939, the eighth of ten children.[1] He and his family belonged to Adivasi community.[2]

He studied at St. Xavier's College, Ranchi, and theology at the Pontifical Urbaniana University in Rome. He was ordained priest on 3 May 1969 by Bishop Franz von Streng.

Bishop [ edit ]

After a stint at Torpa (Jharkhand), as Headmaster of St Joseph's School and Director of the Lievens Vocational Center, Toppo was named Bishop of Dumka and received his episcopal consecration on 7 October 1978 from Archbishop Pius Kerketta SJ. He was appointed Coadjutor Archbishop of Ranchi, capital of the Jharkhand state, on 8 November 1984. He became Archbishop there on 7 August 1985.

Cardinal [ edit ]

Toppo was made Cardinal-Priest by Pope John Paul II on 21 October 2003, given the titular church of Sacro Cuore di Gesù agonizzante a Vitinia.[3] He was the third cardinal from India, the first Adivasi.[2][1] He said the title of cardinal was a "mark of distinction for the tribal Church in India and recognition of its growth".[4]

He was elector at the 2005 papal conclave that elected Joseph Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI.[5]

He was elected to serve a two-year term president of Catholic Bishops' Conference of India on two occasions, in 2004[6] and 2006.[7] He also served as president of the Conference of Catholic Bishops of India, made up of Latin Rite bishops only, from 2001 to 2004 and from 2011 to 2013.[citation needed]

At the Synod of Bishops in 2008, he endorsed ecumenical efforts but warned against "dilution of the Truth" and called for agreement on a common date for the celebration of Easter.[8] At the Synod on the New Evangelization in 2012, he called on religious orders to commit themselves anew to missionary work.[9]

He was one of the cardinal electors who participated in the 2013 papal conclave that selected Pope Francis.[10]

On 11 February 2008, he called for the proclamation of a new marian dogma on Mary, Mediatrix of graces, Co-Redemptrix of humanity, with Jesus as sole and unique mediator.[11][12]

Toppo sits on the Board of World Religious Leaders for the Elijah Interfaith Institute.[1]

Pope Francis accepted Toppo's resignation as Archbishop of Ranchi on 24 June 2018, announcing as his successor Felix Toppo, Bishop of Jamshedpur.[13]

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