Template:About other people

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This template acts like {{Other people}}, but includes an extra parameter that describes the subject of the article.

Usage [ edit ]

The first parameter is mandatory; omitting it produces an error message, and a maintenance category that can be suppressed by supplying a category parameter with a falsy value. For example:

  • {{About other people|category=false}}Error: no page subject specified (help).

The second parameter defines the ambiguous name, changing the "other people" text to include it and improving the default disambiguation page:

  • {{About other people|an example person}}
  • {{About other people|an example person|Jane Doe}}

As with {{Other people}}, the message produced when the second parameter is defined can be customized using the named parameter. For example, named=titled can be useful:

  • {{About other people|some "Lord Byron" or other|Lord Byron|Baron Byron|named=titled}}

The third and any further parameters define custom targets for the hatnote:

  • {{About other people|ABOUT|NAME|PAGE1}}
  • {{About other people|ABOUT||PAGE1|PAGE2|PAGE3}

Produces a disambiguation message to aid readers distinguish between articles on people with the same or similar name, prefixed with a message clarifying the subject of the article.

Template parameters

This template prefers inline formatting of parameters.

Parameter Description Type Status
Page subject 1

A descriptor for the page subject

String required
Name 2

Sets the name to be disambiguated

String suggested
Target page 1 3

The name of a page to which the disambiguation message should point

Page name suggested
Target page 2 4

The name of an additional target page

Page name optional
Target page 3 5

The name of an additional target page

Page name optional
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