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Overview of administrative divisions of Taiwan
Republic of China
Free area [i] Mainland area
Special municipalities [G] [ii] Provinces[iii] Not administered[iv]
Counties [G] Cities [G] [v]
Districts [O] Mountain indigenous districts[G] Townships and county-administered cities [G] [vi] Districts [O]
Villages [O] [vii]
[G] Has an administrative body with an elected leader and a legislative body with elected members
[O] Has a governmental office for managing local affairs and carrying out commissioned tasks by superior agency
  1. ^ Also known as the Taiwan area or Tai–Min area (Chinese: 臺閩地區; literally: 'Taiwan–Fujian area')
  2. ^ In Chinese, special municipalities, cities, and county-administered cities have the word shi (Chinese: ; literally: 'city') in their official names
  3. ^ Nominal; provincial governments have been abolished
  4. ^ Constitutionally having the same structure as the free area
  5. ^ Cities are sometimes called provincial cities (Chinese: 省轄市) to distinguish them from the other two types of cities.
  6. ^ In Chinese, there are two types of townships: xīang (Chinese: ) and zhèng (Chinese: ); there is little practical difference between the two
  7. ^ In Chinese, villages of xīang townships are known as tsūn (Chinese: ), those of other types are known as (Chinese: )
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