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This template is used to link to articles containing further information on a topic, where English Wikipedia does not yet have such an article, but another language Wikipedia does. It looks like this:

It is typically used at the top of a section, when the topic of that section is covered in more detail by a page on another Wikipedia. It combines the features of {{Further}} and {{Interlanguage link}}, and provides one of the chief advantages of red links by pointing out a topic that should have an article on English Wikipedia but does not, while indicating where such information is readily available.

Usage [ edit ]

Basic usage – one interwiki link

{{Further ill|Ocean swell fairies|fr|Fée des houles}}
More than one interwiki link
{{Further ill|Geiseltal fossil bed|de|Fossillagerstätte Geiseltal|fr|Gisement de fossiles du Geiseltal|es|Yacimiento de Geiseltal}}
Same name in English as in other languages
{{Further ill|Margarita Cueto|ca||es||pt}}

Parameters [ edit ]

This template accepts the following parameters:

  • 1  – the page on English Wikipedia. This must be a red link, or a redirect with possibilities. (If it isn't, use {{Further}} instead.) Required.
  • 2 and 3 - the language code and page to link to on a sister Wikipedia. Required. Links to sections are automatically formatted as page § section, rather than the MediaWiki default of page#section.
  • 4 and 5 - another lang-code and page to link to on a foreign wikipedia. Optional. If 5 is missing, {{ill}} supplies the same value as the English topic in param 1.
  • 6 and 7 - a third code + page pair, to link a foreign Wikipedia article. Optional. If 7 is missing, it takes the value from param 1.
  • lt – as for {{ill}}, the |lt= parameter (which stands for "link text") is used to create a piped link. Alias: |label=.
  • topic - like {{Further}}, adds "...on Topic" to the output text.

Modifying the display [ edit ]

Displaying different text [ edit ]

To create a piped link (text displayed that is different from the title of the page to which the text links), use the |lt= parameter (which stands for "link text").

Vertical alignment [ edit ]

The default vertical alignment of the bracketed interlanguage links is superscript. This can be altered by adding:

  • vertical-align=sub to place the links in subscript
  • vertical-align=base to place the links on the baseline. Alias: vertical-align=none

Examples [ edit ]

Blue link for redirect
{{Further ill|Tropical Storm Zia|ja|平成11年台風第16号|zh|热带风暴思雅}}}} →
Excess links don't throw an error but are ignored
{{Further ill|Luigi Madonis|ca||de||fi||it||kk|Луиджи Мадонис|ru|Мадонис, Луиджи}}
With a topic
{{Further ill|topic=Storms in Japan|Tropical Storm Zia|ja|平成11年台風第16号}}
All parameters
{{Further ill|topic=Some Topic|ArticleName|es|Página1#Sección uno|de|Seite2|ru|страница3|lt=Anchor-link}}
Display variation
Vertical alignment:
{{Further ill|Luigi Madonis|de||it||ru|Мадонис, Луиджи|vertical-align=baseline}}
Article already exists in English – interwiki links suppressed
{{Further ill|The Hague|nl|Den Haag|fr|La Haie|es|La Haya}}

Errors [ edit ]

If a required param is missing, the template will output a message. For example:

{{Further ill|Luigi Madonis}}Error: no interlanguage code specified. (help).

Pages that contain this error message are tracked in Category:Pages with errors in Template:Further ill.

When not to use this template [ edit ]

If you only wish to link to an article on a foreign language Wikipedia, without indicating a missing article on English Wikipedia, use {{Further}} instead, prefixing the page name in a foreign Wikipedia with the required interlanguage code:

{{Further|fr:Face nord de l'Eiger|ca:Cara nord de l'Eiger|de:Eiger-Nordwand}}
{{Further|de:Eero Heinonen|de:Eero Heinonen|es:Eero Heinonen|fi:Eero Heinonen}}

Redirects [ edit ]

See also [ edit ]

TemplateData documentation used by VisualEditor and other tools
See the monthly parameter usage report for this template.

TemplateData for Further ill

Template used to link to pages on another Wikipedia containing further information on a topic. Produces the output "Further information: page 1, page 2 and page 3".

Template parameters

Parameter Description Type Status
Article name 1

Suggested name of the English Wikipedia page which does not yet exist.

Page name required
1st language code 2

Language code of the first page in another language.

Page name required
1st page 3

The name of the first page that you want to link to.

Museo del Prado
Page name optional
2nd language code 4

Language code of the second page that you want to link to.

Page name optional
2nd page 5

The name of the second page that you want to link to.

Le Louvre
Page name optional
3rd language code 6

Language code of the third page that you want to link to.

Page name optional
3rd page 7

The name of the third page that you want to link to.

Page name optional
Topic topic

The topic to list in the link.

String optional
Link text link text label label1 l1

The displayed label of the page link, as in a piped link

String optional
What is this?