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This template can be used on pages which are the WP:PRIMARYREDIRECT for several terms which also have corresponding disambiguation pages. This template is compatible with up to 10 redirects. It can also be used targeting non-disambiguation articles, although it adds (disambiguation) to the end of each of its parameters by default. This can be modified through the dab parameter. It can also be used without linking at all by changing the link parameter, which may be useful on pages which have many redirects and other usages, but which all follow a regular pattern. The text parameter should also be used in such circumstances, to describe the titles of the redirects.

Usage [ edit ]

Full inline format [ edit ]

{{Redirect-several |link= |dab= |text= |see= |OtherUse1 |OtherUse2 |OtherUse3 |OtherUse4 |OtherUse5 |OtherUse6 |OtherUse7 |OtherUse8 |OtherUse9 |OtherUse10}}

Full vertical format [ edit ]


|link = <!-- whether the targets should be linked to or not; defaults to 'yes' -->

|dab = <!-- toggles whether to put " (disambiguation)" on the end of the targets' links; defaults to 'yes' -->

|text = <!-- optional text to put after the word "terms" (e.g. several terms about how to cook poridge redirect here.) -->

|see = <!-- optional changing of the verb before the first use; defaults to 'see' -->

| <!-- the first alternative page -->

| <!-- the second alternative page -->

| <!-- the third alternative page -->

| <!-- the fourth alternative page -->

| <!-- the fifth alternative page -->

| <!-- the sixth alternative page -->

| <!-- the seventh alternative page -->

| <!-- the eighth alternative page -->

| <!-- the ninth alternative page -->

| <!-- the tenth alternative page -->


Examples [ edit ]

With one to ten filled parameters [ edit ]

With more than ten parameters [ edit ]

Note – this template does not support more than ten parameters. Above is an example of what not to do.

With an empty parameter [ edit ]

The following template use with three parameters are fine:

However, with three parameters but with an empty the second parameter, a problem arises:

Note: This causes only "REDIRECT1" to display since "REDIRECT2" is missing in the empty parameter within the two pipes with no content between them. If an entry is missed, the template only shows the entries before the missing entry. No error message is displayed.

With link=off [ edit ]

  • {{Redirect-several|link=off|the contents of Category:Porridge|the page of the same name but without the word 'porridge'|another unlinked parameter}}
  • {{Redirect-several|TEST1|TEST2|TEST3|TEST4|TEST5|TEST6|TEST7|TEST8|TEST9|TEST10}}

With dab=off [ edit ]

With text parameter [ edit ]

With see parameter [ edit ]

  • {{Redirect-several|link=off|see=replace|text=containing the word 'porridge'|the word 'porridge' with the word 'oats'}}
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