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To tag a statement as being in need of clarification, add the following code:

{{Why|reason=Your explanation here|date=March 2021}}
  • To automatically add the current date, you can use substitution: {{subst:Why?}}.
  • The |date= parameter need not be added by the editor: if not entered, a bot will soon add it. The date parameter consists of the full English name of the current month with initial capital, a space, and the year, not full dates; e.g., "January 2013", but not "jan13". Any deviation from these two rules will result in an "invalid date parameter" error.
  • The |reason= parameter is optional but often helpful. It is displayed as a tooltip in some browsers (hover the mouse here [why?] to check behavior of your browser). For example, the following usage might be appropriate to the claim that "Humphrey Bogart has won several snooker world championships":
    {{Why|reason=This claim isn't clear.|date=March 2021}}
    • Use only plain text for the |reason= parameter. It does not support wiki markup like wikilinks, which can "mess up" the tooltip.
    • Double quotation marks used within the |reason= parameter will likewise "mess up" the tooltip; use single quotes or the HTML code " instead.
  • This template should be installed directly after punctuation, such as a full stop (period) or a comma.
  • Remove the template when you add an explanation for a statement.


No description.

Template parameters

Parameter Description Type Status
Reason asked reason

Explanation of why causal clarity is needed

It's unclear how oil expropriation led to prosperity. Please explain.
String optional
Month and year date

no description

Auto value
String suggested
What is this?