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Red link in this template (is it intentional?) [ edit ]

I noticed that the link ("in" or "from" this template) labeled "Thorn in the flesh" actually points to the [article] title "Thorn_in_the_flesh_(Kierkegaard)". The reason the link is red, is because that article [title] -- (with the name "Kierkegaard" in parentheses) -- does not exist.

Then I noticed that there is an article (which does exist) with the title "Thorn in the flesh". I did not (immediately) rush to edit the template, because the idea of doing so seemed so obvious, that I thought (I "figured") that there might well be a good reason why no one else has done so, "so far".

Is there an important difference between the article titles "Thorn in the flesh" and "Thorn_in_the_flesh_(Kierkegaard)" ? If not, then I (or someone) can go ahead and change this template to [instead] just link to [the article about] "Thorn in the flesh". If there is an important difference, then perhaps eventually the article about "Thorn_in_the_flesh_(Kierkegaard)" will exist. (It will be created).

Just an idea, for improvement. --Mike Schwartz (talk) 23:21, 30 January 2014 (UTC)

What is this?