Tepetlán is a municipality located in the montane central zone in the State of Veracruz. It has a surface of 83.90 km2. It is located at 19°40′N96°48′W / 19.667°N 96.800°W / 19.667; -96.800. During the Pre-Hispanic epoch it was inhabited by the Totonac, the most ancient date in the one that one alludes as municipality in that of the 1 °. Of December, 1868 In the Cologne it named the village San Antonio Tepetlán, for decree of November 5, 1932, the head-board is called Tepetlán, remaining suppressed the first part of the name.

Geographic Limits [ edit ]

The municipality of Tepetlán is delimited by Acatlán, Chiconquiaco, Alto Lucero de Gutiérrez Barrios and Naolinco.[1] The territory of the municipality is watered by small tributary rivers of the river Actópan.

Agriculture [ edit ]

It produces principally maize, beans, green chile, sugarcane and coffee.

Celebrations [ edit ]

In Tepetlán , in June takes place the celebration in honor to San Antonio, Patron of the town, and in December takes place the celebration in honor to Virgen de Guadalupe.

Weather [ edit ]

The weather in Tepetlán is very cold and wet all year with rains in summer and autumn.

References [ edit ]

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