Terme is located in Turkey
Coordinates: 41°12′33″N36°58′26″E / 41.20917°N 36.97389°E / 41.20917; 36.97389Coordinates: 41°12′33″N36°58′26″E / 41.20917°N 36.97389°E / 41.20917; 36.97389
Country   Turkey
Province Samsun
 • Urban
 • District
Climate Cfa

Terme (formerly spelled Termeh; Ancient greek: Thèrmae, Θέρμαι) is a town, the headquarters of Terme District, Samsun Province, Turkey; both are named after the Terme River. Scholars have identified Terme or its environs as the site of the ancient city of Themiscyra, Θεμίσκυρα.[2]

Terme District is the site of an annual festival celebrating the Amazons, an ancient nation of all-female warriors who, according to Greek myth, were believed to have lived in the Samsun region.[3]

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