The Difficult Couple

The Difficult Couple
Directed by Zhang Shichuan, Zheng Zhengqiu
Starring Ding Chuhe, Wang Bingseng

Release date
  • September 29, 1913 (1913-09-29) (Shanghai)
Running time
30 minutes
Country China
Language Chinese

The Difficult Couple (Chinese: 难夫难妻; pinyin: Nànfū Nànqī), also translated as Die for Marriage, is a 1913 Chinese film. It is known for being the earliest Chinese feature film. Although it had a dialogue of only a little more than 1,000 characters, it became to be the first Chinese film with a script.[2] It is considered a lost film.[3][4]

Plot [ edit ]

The story is mainly about a man and a woman whom previously never met each other, being forced to marry for the benefits of their families' relationships, despite their own personal aspirations.

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References [ edit ]

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