The Original Wailers

The Original Wailers
Origin Kingston, Jamaica
Genres Reggae
Years active 2008 – present
Labels MRG Recordings
Associated acts Bob Marley & the Wailers
Members Al Anderson, Chet Samuel, Rohan Reid, Howard Smith, Noel Aiken
Past members Junior Marvin, Desmond Hyson, Steve Samuels, Christian Cowlin, Erica Newell, Paapa Nyarkoh

The Original Wailers are a reggae group formed by Al Anderson and Junior Marvin in 2008. Both are best known as guitarists for Bob Marley & The Wailers as well as former members of The Wailers Band. In April 2011, Marvin departed the band. Despite the name, the band has never included any of the original members of the Wailers.

Discography [ edit ]

Miracle EP (2012) [ edit ]

Desi Hyson and Junior Marvin performing at Raggamuffin Music Festival#2011
Erica Newell performing at Raggamuffin Music Festival#2011
Cover of the EP The Original Wailers: Miracle

Four songs from the album are penned by singer & keyboardist, Desi Hyson. Backup-singer Erica Newell, formerly of the Melody Makers sings on the cover of "Our Day Will Come".

MRG Recordings released The Original Wailers debut EP Miracle on 10 April 2012. Miracle was nominated for Best Reggae Album at the 55th Annual Grammy Awards on 5 December 2012.[1]

No. Title Composer Length
1. "Blackbird" Desmond Hyson 3:32
2. "Justice" Desmond Hyson 3:43
3. "Love Supposed To Do" Desmond Hyson 4:18
4. "Dangerous" Desmond Hyson 4:04
5. "Our Day Will Come" Mort Garson, Bob Hilliard 2:54

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References [ edit ]

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