Tianzhen County

Tianzhen County


Tianzhen is located in Shanxi
Location of the seat in Shanxi
Coordinates: 40°25′12″N114°05′28″E / 40.420°N 114.091°E / 40.420; 114.091Coordinates: 40°25′12″N114°05′28″E / 40.420°N 114.091°E / 40.420; 114.091
Country People's Republic of China
Province Shanxi
Prefecture-level city Datong
Time zone UTC+8 (China Standard)

Tianzhen County (simplified Chinese: 天镇县; traditional Chinese: 天鎮縣; pinyin: Tiānzhèn Xiàn) is a county of Shanxi province, China, bordering Hebei province to the northeast, east and south and Inner Mongolia to the northwest. It is under the administration of Datong City and is the northernmost county-level division of the province.

History [ edit ]

Corruption scandal [ edit ]

In March 2017, various Chinese media have reported that a deputy head of the county's Transportation Management Office (运管所), identified as Zhang Ming (张明), was involved in an affair with a married woman,a and used 50 people to force the mistress's husband to divorce her.[1] Zhang is reportedly under investigation.[1][2]

In response, Zhang said he was framed, and the allegations were untrue.[3]

Notes [ edit ]

a.^ The married woman's identity has been released, in various forms, by various news outlets. Beijing Times and Taiwanese news site ETToday identified her as Shi Xiaoli (石小丽),[4][2] while China Youth Daily identified her as merely Xiaoli (小丽)[3]

References [ edit ]

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