Trade unions in the Faroe Islands

Trade unions in the Faroe Islands
National organization(s) Samtak, Starvmannafelagið
Total union membership ≈15,000 (national)
Density 50%
International Labour Organization
The Faroe Islands has separate territorial status but is an ILO member via Denmark
Convention declaration
Freedom of Association 28 September 1960
Right to Organise 28 September 1960

Trade unions in the Faroe Islands represent most workers in the country. The largest unions are:

  • Samtak is a federation of blue collar workers with 5,600 members.[1] The member unions are the Faroe Islands Workers' Association (Føroya Arbeiðarafelag), the Faroe Islands Fishers’ Association (Føroya Fiskimannafelag), the Klaksvik Workers’ Association (Klaksvíkar Arbeiðsmannafelag) and the Klaksvik Working Women's Association (Klaksvíkar Arbeiðskvinnufelag).[2]
  • Starvmannafelagið is the union for white collar workers covering office employees, national and local government and public enterprises. It has around 2,400 members.[2]

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