Studio album by
Released 27 September 1982
Genre Reggae
Label DEP International
Producer UB40
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Allmusic 3/5 stars [1]

UB44 is the third studio album of original material by UB40, released on the DEP International label in 1982. It was advertised as their 'fourth album' (hence the title)[2]although Present Arms In Dub had been a remix album. The album reached No. 4 in the UK album chart and the early release of the packaging had a hologram cover. UB44 was the Department of Employment form letter sent to British unemployment benefit claimants when they missed their 'signing on' appointment.

Releases [ edit ]

The album was initially released on LP and cassette. A CD reissue followed in 1993.[3] Some releases incorrectly state that the album was recorded in 1981.

Content [ edit ]

This album was effectively the last one in their early musical style, again mixing heavy, doom-laden reggae soundscapes with politically and socially conscious lyrics. In particular, "I Won't Close My Eyes" and "Love is All Right" use reverb, echoes, and stereo positioning for a shimmering, three dimensional feel indicated by the 3D cover. Droning rhythms- the 4th dimension of time- induce a trance, evoking reggae's substance behind the muse. "Love is All Right" is a slow number with close sounding, harmonised vocals. Sax and trumpet echo in a huge hall, sounding like some Caribbean band of long ago. A funky, effected, simple guitar twang adds to the old and new feel. The lyrics challenge the listener that "a little more hate" may be needed in polarised racial and class conflicts.[citation needed]

Track listing [ edit ]

  1. "So Here I Am" – 3:54
  2. "I Won't Close My Eyes [Remix]" – 3:46
  3. "Forget the Cost" – 4:22
  4. "Love Is All Is Alright [Remix]" – 4:57
  5. "The Piper Calls the Tune" – 3:50
  6. "The Key" – 5:05
  7. "Don't Do the Crime" – 4:12
  8. "Folitician [Remix]" – 4:10
  9. "The Prisoner" – 5:57

Personnel [ edit ]

References [ edit ]

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