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World map with the time zone highlighted
UTC offset
UTC UTC+01:00
Current time
16:31, 13 July 2020 UTC+01:00 [refresh]
Central meridian
15 degrees E
Date-time group
UTC+01:00: blue (January), orange (July), yellow (all year round), light blue (sea areas)
Time zones of Africa:

 -01:00  Cape Verde Time[a]
 ±00:00  Greenwich Mean Time
 +01:00  West Africa Time
 +03:00  East Africa Time
a The islands of Cape Verde are to the west of the African mainland.

b Mauritius and the Seychelles are to the east and north-east of Madagascar respectively.

UTC+01:00 is an identifier for a time offset from UTC of +01:00. In ISO 8601, the associated time would be written as 2019-02-07T23:28:34+01:00. This time is used in:

Central European Time (Northern Hemisphere winter) [ edit ]

Principal cities: Berlin, Rome, Paris, Madrid, Warsaw, Prague

Europe [ edit ]

Antarctica [ edit ]

Western European Summer Time (Northern Hemisphere summer) [ edit ]

Principal cities: London, Dublin, Lisbon

Europe [ edit ]

Africa [ edit ]

As standard time (all year round) [ edit ]

Principal cities: Lagos, Kinshasa, Algiers, Casablanca

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