Umm an Namil Island

Jazirat Umm an Namil Lighthouse
Location Umm an Namil Island

Coordinates 29°23′14.3″N 47°52′16.3″E  /  29.387306°N 47.871194°E  / 29.387306; 47.871194
Foundation concrete base
Construction metal skeletal tower
Tower shape square pyramidal tower with balcony and lantern
Markings / pattern red and white horizontal bands tower
Tower height 16 metres (52 ft)
Focal height 17 metres (56 ft)
Light source solar power
Characteristic Fl W 10s.
NGA number 29211
Managing agent Kuwait Port Authority [1][2]

Umm al Namil (Arabic: جزيرة ام النمل‎)(Translation: Mother of ants) is an island belonging to Kuwait, located within Kuwait Bay, in Persian Gulf. It is known to be the site of several archeological finds, mainly from the Islamic era, and the Bronze Age. The island is at shortest, 600 metres (2,000 feet) away from the Kuwaiti mainland.

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Coordinates: 29°22′54″N47°52′01″E / 29.38167°N 47.86694°E / 29.38167; 47.86694

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