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About me [ edit ]

In general, I am interested in religion, philosophy, politics, and science in general. I genuinely get a kick out of keeping information up to date and accurate on the Wikipedia because I feel like I am contributing to a set of human knowledge that people actually refer to. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

I was a Mormon most of my life, and now consider myself an atheist or agnostic depending on my mood, and depending on how you define either term - but due to my background I love delving into Mormon history, so I am usually editing any articles that have to do with Mormonism.

Recognition [ edit ]


Current Tasks/Projects [ edit ]

Articles that I watch closely, and contribute to regularly:Book of Abraham - Kirtland Egyptian Papers - Joseph Smith Papyri - Criticism of Mormonism - Historicity of the Book of Mormon - Origin of the Book of Mormon - Linguistics and the Book of Mormon - Archaeology and the Book of Mormon - Genetics and the Book of Mormon - Plan of Salvation

Articles I have created [ edit ]

Articles I am proud of:

Minor articles: (If they were deleted I wouldn't lose any sleep over it)

Translation [ edit ]

I also will dip into the list of requested articles for translation from Spanish to English from time to time. Maybe when I am a little braver, I will try an English to Spanish translation.

Recently, I translated the following article from Spanish: Calaway H. Dodson

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