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The fastest way to end a conflict: walk away

Edit warring is bad, especially when idea exchange has stopped and is replaced by reverting edits. Not good, as it disrupts Wikipedia and wastes resources. Wikipedia's main resource is the time and effort that you and other Wikipedians devote to contributions. Edit warring is like a game of tic-tac-toe: once you know how to play, nobody ever wins. Edit warring is worse, though, because it can go on indefinitely and can get you banned.

The solution? Chill out and relax. Go edit somewhere else on Wikipedia for a few days; Wikipedia has millions of nice and quiet pages to work on. Meanwhile, you may think of a solution that everyone will be happy with which you can bring to the talk page. When you come back, stay calm and keep your involvement in the dispute on the talk page. Others who refuse to do so will answer for it eventually.

Building consensus is the Wikipedia way of resolving disputes, as continued discussion brings new possibilities and positive solutions to light. Think "What if we..."

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The Wyoming Territory was an organized incorporated territory in the western United States that existed from July 25, 1868, until July 10, 1890, when it was admitted to the Union as the state of Wyoming.

This picture is a historical depiction of the Wyoming Territory's coat of arms, as illustrated by American engraver Henry Mitchell in State Arms of the Union, published in 1876 by Louis Prang. The escutcheon depicts a railroad train in front of a mountainous landscape in the top half, agricultural tools in the bottom left, and an arm holding a sword in the bottom right. Under the shield is the Latin motto Cedant arma togae (misspelled in this depiction as Oedant arma toga), literally meaning "Let arms yield to the toga", but often translated as "Let military power be subject to civil authority".Illustration credit: Henry Mitchell; restored by Andrew Shiva

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