Value-added (disambiguation)

Value added is offering additional features with goods or services.

Value added may also refer to:

  • Value-added tax, a tax based on gross profits (the difference between the cost of goods sold and the selling price)
  • Value-added modeling, a method of teacher evaluation that attempts to identify how much student achievement is due to the teacher
  • Value-added reseller, a company that adds features to an existing product, then resells it, usually to end-users
  • Value-added service, extra services in the telecommunications industry
  • Value-added network, a hosted service offering that acts as an intermediary between business partners
  • Value-added theory, or social strain theory
  • Value-added agriculture, manufacturing processes that increase the value of primary agricultural commodities
  • Value chain or value-added chain, the set of activities performed by a firm to create a product or service of value
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