Municipality and village
Vestmanna in 2002
Vestmanna in 2002
Location of Vestmanna kommuna in the Faroe Islands
Location of Vestmanna kommuna in the Faroe Islands
Vestmanna is located in Denmark Faroe Islands
Location of Vestmanna village in the Faroe Islands
Coordinates: 62°09′23″N7°09′59″W / 62.15639°N 7.16639°W / 62.15639; -7.16639Coordinates: 62°09′23″N7°09′59″W / 62.15639°N 7.16639°W / 62.15639; -7.16639
State   Kingdom of Denmark
Constituent country   Faroe Islands
Island Streymoy
 (January 1, 2020)
 • Total 1,245[1]
Time zone GMT
 • Summer (DST) UTC+1 (WEST)
Postal code
FO 350
Climate Cfc

Vestmanna is a town in the Faroe Islands on the west of the island of Streymoy.

It was formerly a ferry port, until an undersea tunnel, the Vágatunnilin, was built from Vágar to Kvívík and Stykkið further south on Streymoy. The cliffs west of Vestmanna, Vestmannabjørgini, are very popular for excursions by boat.

A 'Vestmann' was a "Westman", or Gael in Old Norse. The original name was Vestmannahavn, i.e. "Westmen's/Irishmen's harbour".

History [ edit ]

In December 1759, during the Seven Years' War, François Thurot's squadron sheltered from stormy conditions at Vestmanna. The lack of supplies available from the islanders motivated the subsequent raids by the squadron on the north Irish coast.

Geography [ edit ]

It is surrounded by the mountains of Hægstafjall (296 m or 971 ft), Økslin (317 m or 1,040 ft), Loysingafjall (639 m or 2,096 ft), and Moskurfjall (624 m or 2,047 ft).

Local power plant

Tourism [ edit ]

Vestmanna is often called the tourist village on the Faroe Islands. The main tourist attraction is Vestmannabjørgini. In 2012 a camping site was established at Inni á Fjørð with a capacity of 120 caravans in addition to tents.

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